My name is Selena

As a child I would look at the sun through my half open eyes. It mesmerized me to watch the abundance of speckles of light play in front of my eyes. They covered people in a shimmering glow that made them look gorgeous. Many of them would keep that shine for a while then they would transform from smiling, giggling and happy, to sad, grey and serious. And I always wandered: what would the world look like if we were shining all the time? How much fun would there be in the world?
How Magic would Life be?


Facilitation &
Access Consciousness

There are many modalities sharing their proven techniques and methods in the realm of personal development. They all aim to bring you further on the path of your life, to reach your goals and objectives in the quickest lapse of time, or not… Some underline the necessity of taking your time with your transformation; some others show you the beauty of finding a better version of yourself. To many they might seem the same. Yet, they are different.

To me, facilitating a person or a body is an art of being present with the words, with the energies available and be present within the body, without any point of view.

In others' words and worlds

While on a recent trip to Peru I was lucky enough to have a Bars® session one evening. I was suffering with anxiety and it calmed me down immensely. I even fell asleep. Afterwards, when I retired to my own room, I slept like a baby. A truly amazing experience!
Jackie, New York
Access Bars Session
I had a Silent Session this morning with Selena. It was delicious to experience this. It was my moment about me. Thank you for the clearings, the questions and the feed-back. Judith
Silent Shine Session
Thank you Selena for your explosive facilitation, for the laughters and tears, for the awareness emerging. It was all at the right moment, all details were pointed out, dismantled and cleared. And I left with a new set of Access tools and with magic memories of these 4 days out of this reality.
Foundation Class

I am Grateful for YOU

Yes, YOU, curious eyes wandering on this website.

I am grateful for you willing to see, for you willing to embrace the miracle YOU are! I am grateful for you allowing me to be a contribution to your life. I am grateful for YOU so generously contributing to Consciousness and to Planet Earth. For every choice you make, every step you take, every question you ask, every awareness you grasp brings you closer to who you really are. I am grateful for your smile and your sparkles of joy you are spreading in the Universe. Your laughter heals the Earth. I am grateful for your pains, for your sorrows, for all those moments when you chose YOU, for it’s them who tailored you into WHO YOU ARE: the beautiful magic shining YOU!

I am grateful for Access Consciousness®, for this wacky weird wonky set of tools that infuse my life with  dynamic changes every day, who open doors to unfathomable possibilities from beyond this reality to become my reality to choose.

I am grateful for Gary M Douglas and dr Dain Heer who know that they know, for never giving up, never giving in, for stepping up by making choices when others preferred the comfort zone. I’ll have this!

I am grateful for all delicious sweet bodies and energies that co-create and blow life into this website, including ME.

Thank you!  What else is possible now? How does it get even better than this?

All of Life Comes to Us with Ease, Joy and Glory!®

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