My name is Selena

As a child I would look at the sun through my half open eyes. It mesmerized me to watch the abundance of speckles of light play in front of my eyes. They covered people in a shimmering glow that made them look gorgeous. Many of them would keep that shine for a while then they would transform from smiling, giggling and happy, to sad, grey and serious. And I always wondered what the world would look like if we were shining all the time? Would there be any sadness or sorrow in the world?

How Magic would Life be if we all chose to shine?



Mom, what makes me unique?

“Mom, what makes me unique?” Jeremy asked me yesterday. At first I was puzzled by his question, then I was impressed and then endeared. How do you tell the kid in front of you that every single thing about him is unique? Where do you

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The Day I Learned How to Overcome Fear

It’s been a groundhog day. Cold and grey and missing perspective in the morning. By the first coffee, the odds turned a bit towards me, by the second one I chose to keep my pajamas on and sit on the chair. I wanted to do

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I would like a dog one day…

I often hear people say to me: “Oh, I would love to have a dog. Maybe one day..!” I often reply: “Why not today as being that one day?” They smile back, they fidget for a few seconds contemplating the idea of having a dog

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Your SHINE is a choice

What makes you giggle when you go to bed at night?

When was the last time you giggled when you went to bed at night?

There are many modalities, techniques and methods in the realm of personal development. Most of them aim to bring us further on the path of our life, to reach our goals and objectives in the quickest lapse of time, and most efficient way… 

The SHINE method invites you to explore your desires, to investigate your beliefs and to choose what works for you.

We are not broken. We’re simply expanding into new levels of consciousness. And that can seem daunting. 

To shine is a choice, one of greatness.

Your SHINE changes the world

I booked my online session with Selena hoping for a quick fix. I was unhappy at work and I was thinking about quitting my job. I now realize that we didn't speak about my job. Yet I left the session smiling and feeling my lungs open up. I didn't quit my job though. I started a side business of my own!
Shine Online Session
I had a Silent Session this morning with Selena. It was delicious to experience this. It was my moment about me. Thank you for the insights, the questions and the feed-back.
Silent Shine Session
I loved the Shine Box online workshop. I didn't know what to expect given that it was an online workshop. Thank you, Selena, for your explosive facilitation, for the laughters and tears, for the awareness emerging for making all of us feel safe to open up. I had a lot of 'a-ha' moments as if you knew me from inside out. I am looking forward for the 'unboxing' workshop as well.
Shine Box Workshop

With gratitude

Thank you, for taking the time.

Thank you for asking a question. Thank you for having followed the ray of light that brought you on this page. Thank YOU!   

Every choice you make, every step you take, every question you ask, every awareness you grasp brings you closer to who you really are. I am grateful for your pains, for your sorrows, for all those impossible moments when you chose YOU as the ultimate possibility. They lead you to WHO YOU ARE: the beautiful magic shining YOU!

With gratitude for US,