30 Days of Shine – A comittment to your choice of greatness

I have recently proposed my clients a 30 day program to get reconnected to their shining. Shine energy has been ticlking me for years now and nudging me towards becoming it and spreading into the world.

It all started a few years back with a book I wrote: SHINE – How to Ignite Your Sparkle and Enhance Your Light in 5 Steps. The book contains the wisdom and 50 practical exercises I had tried on my own, that changed my perspective on life and living and reminded me that my purpose in life was to shine. (You can download your free chapter here)

I remember that my intention was to have a user-friendly method at hand that would support people reach higher and shine brighter, become more of who they truly be, advance in confidence towards their true self.

During the last 2 years, this energy of Shine as I fondly call it, expanded even greater with embracing the tools of Access Consciousness. It became a different kind of class speaking in a different way and addressing different perspectives on shining.

It took me a while to understand that most of the people I was talking to were describing me as shining and sparkling presence. That this energy comes naturally to me and that when I don’t shine (whatever this might mean to each of us personally) I feel low, contracted, unhappy, almost depressed. Today I know: shine is part of our being. When we are not allowing our light to shine through – regardless of the reasons – our general well-being is impacted in a diminishing way.

It is obvious to me by now that shining is not about adorning yourself with an image, it is a daily conscious choice, one of greatness. Some days, when the sun is up, when there’s no financial struggle in view, when there’s no imminent stress in view, it seems easier to shine. Yet, your shine is not dependent on forecasts. It’s a state of being that you choose and goes hand in hand with gratitude and the joy of living.

Life is interesting! Much to my surprise, 5 people signed up for my program. For a few seconds I thought that there must have been something wrong with me if people didn’t choose this thought-through product, enlightening, awareness enhancer. I cancelled the program based on the ‘energy check’ I run before any class I step into: “what will my life be line in 5 years if I go through with this proposition/ what will my life be like in 5 years if I don’t go through with it?”

The next morning I woke up with this light bulb shining blindling in my world: what if asked some questions about shine is and how people feel about it? Because truth be said, what people see in me has been a severly judged aspect of my being for years in a row. I’ve always been too much, too happy, I laughed too loud, I didn’t take things too seriously. For a long time I thought that they were right as well, until I didn’t.

These 30 Days of ShineA comittment to your choice of greatness nuggets are an invitation to have a look at your beliefs and judgements on shining and on what keeps your own light still in the shadow. Moreover, they are an invitation to be that unique, wild, bright light that you are meant to be in this world.

Are you willing to shine bright and wild?

PS. You can buy the full book signed by me here

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