A Midnight Wish…


When the clock strikes I smile. For years I thought I would turn into a pumpkin if I were not in bed by midnight. Like the carriage in Cinderella’s story. Funnily enough this analogy has so much truth with it.

I also remember a bad joke saying something like “My mom told me that if I am not in bed by 10pm I should go home because it’s a waste of time anyway”.

But see, unlike other princess-goddess-fairy friends of mine, I would always compare myself to the lower scale of my measurement reference points. I would not dare put myself on the same place as the lean curly tall blonde, absolutely astonishing friend of mine who would steal the hearts of boys and treated me like the bodyguard – small, determined and tough who kept her safe when things went too far. I give you that… you didn’t want to mess with me. Yet, behind that cool, slightly dangerous and unwelcoming looks I knew how to throw, I’ve always been this girl longing to be ‘one of them’ with fluffy dresses and boys fancying them.

I’ve never seen myself as a Cinderella or a Snowhite, but I could fully resonate with Fiona, or the Donkey or maybe the carriage from the fairy tales. And this created my reality. For ‘strange’ reasons I would end up in the same situation where the ‘lady’ required assistance and I was the ‘loyal’ servant providing it , with care and hating myself for not stepping up at the same time.

Until one day when I heard the phrase: your point of view creates your reality. Whatever you believe it’s true is going to shape your life because what you believe is true for you and you will always look for evidence to support your assumptions.

Does this sound familiar? Let’s see… Are you someone who is stirred by drama, trauma and conflict? Do you find that you are right to not start anything because somehow you can predict the negative outcome of the actions that you didn’t choose to take? Well… YOU ARE RIGHT! Whatever you believe is right FOR YOU. No wonder that you start the same type of relationship with a guy that ends up dumping you ‘just like the other ones, because all men are assholes’, no wonder you are broke at the end of the month because all your hard worked for savings put aside for ‘unexpected circumstances’ just vanished due an ‘unforeseen medical intervention’, or that you passed by the promotion because you are discriminated…

But what if you knew that your point of view truly creates your life… what would you choose? Would you believe that at midnight you somehow lose all interest for the ‘mortals’ and become nothing else than a pumpkin? Would you believe that you do not deserve better because there has to be something wrong with you? What if there is nothing wrong with you? What if you can choose your point of view?

How? Just like that! Choose. From now on I choose to take on the point of view that allows me to be the true beauty I be in this world. From this moment on I choose to be the fabulous almost fairy-tale creature-like that knows that the Universe is just one request away and that by my mere presence I am changing realities and impacting generations of people longing to be more of themselves. How about that? Did this make you giggle? I know, right? I mean, light?

What if in the darkness of a midnight I choose to be that light that shines so bright that invites you to acknowledge you are part of it as well?

What is the point of view that you could choose today that would give you the freedom of being the magnificent you, you’ve always longed to be, way beyond stories and fairy tales? Wouldn’t it be an interesting one? I wonder…