Are you willing to SHINE?

I’ve always known that there must be more than what the world showed of itself. Yet, I started to listen to the others: about how difficult life was, how limited, how dull and grey it appeared, that I had to be grateful for what I had as others… had much less.

My truth is that I always wanted more: more laughter, more crazy stuff, more sparkles and glitters, more fun! Yet having that meant that somehow I was betraying my family, my family’s family and friends and teachers and their expectations of me being a ‘good girl’.

One day I woke up asking: what if all this is just an invention? What if I am not wrong? What if I always was more than anyone could handle, and this is fine?  What if I am a GIFT?

We give meaning to our experiences. What if I chose to know that my life is a journey masterfully weaving into Life itself? Could I ever be wrong, or right when choice is merely a steering mechanism towards the most enriching adventures?

What if my only mission this lifetime is to shine bright and spread sparkles of joy, laughter and kindness in uplifting myself and others? 


A Personal Perspective

There are many modalities sharing their proven techniques and methods in the realm of personal development and healing. They all aim to bring you further on the path of your life, to reach your goals and objectives in the most effective way, the fastest lapse of time or with permanent effects. Some underline the necessity to allow time in your transformation, some others advocate discovering a better version of yourself. It might seem like they are all the same, yet they are different.

We are different. We all are a unique combination of capacities and abilities, life experiences and gifts that require a different perspective.


For more than 20 years now, along my personal development journey, I have taken various roles in orienting and guiding people towards their shine. I was in turn a teacher, an educator, a trainer, a buddy, a coach, a facilitator, a mentor, a consultant, a connector, an uplifter. They all embodied my desire of facilitating people in advancing with trust and confidence on the path towards their true self. Aware, able, aligned.

My unique flavour of interacting with people, whether in private sessions, group coachings, seminars, mentorship journeys, or casual conversation is made up partly of a massive dose of curiosity, and a highly trained ear for listening to the unsaid version of the story – oh, and we all love stories, don’t we? It is our version of the story the one that keeps us stuck in what we have defined as ‘a problem’. Add a deep trust in my energetic awareness, an irrational willingness to explore possibilities, and immense gratitude for every person I meet on this conscious adventure. Sublimate the flavour with a pinch of silence and a good laugh which diffuses the seriousness of any situation.

Early on my learning path one of my mentors called me a ‘confrontational coach’. Apparently a rare breed – it makes me smile now but I felt so inappropriate and so wrong. It took me some years to acknowledge that my ‘no-nonsense’ approach to coaching, facilitation or mentoring is one what makes me unique. People seeking my expertise encounter a pragmatic educator as I am coaching my clients mainly for development through the mastery of asking powerful questions and meaningful silence.

My job as a coach or as a facilitator of more ease and shine into your life is not to agree with your story, neither is it to fight you on it. It’s to ask you a plethora of questions so that a shift becomes possible which would allow you to step into the space where change occurs with kindness towards you in the first place. 

This is one of the greatest gifts one can offer themselves. We all choose differently. Most of the times we think we make our choice based on the research, on the knowledge, the skills, the result we might get out of the personal development process. Out of experience, most of the times we are drawn to the energy of the person we are choosing to walk next to us on this path. The tools may be the same for all, yet the energy behind using them is so beautifully nunaced. 

We look for empowerment and support in our lives according to where we are and what we are looking to change. The magic of this world consists of the myriads of perspectives and energies available to be explored.



So now, that I have shared my perspective, I would like to ask you a few questions… 


If you woke up tomorrow in the world of your dreams and desires fulfilled, what would you notice first? How would you feel? Who or what would have left your world?

What would you really like to live as YOUR life?