Body Love – Just take 3 steps

I have recently started to notice that more and more people come towards me with one question in their mind. Their messages start, more or less, like this: “Hi, I have seen your pictures on your terrace. You are so beautiful. How did you get to have so much confidence? I wish I were feeling that too!”

Does it sound familiar? I would have never guessed – not in a million years – that people would reach out to me on how to reconnect to their bodies. When I look back at my personal history of ‘body hating’ I really would like to take a moment, take a deep breath and just say out loud: “Thank you, body, for being this magnificent delicious explorer partner I have created you to be! I am so grateful for you!”

And now, for all of you reading, I will put down 3 steps I can acknowledge that changed the relationship with my body from intensely hating it and feeling disgusted with it to embracing it as the true miracle of my embodied life.

  • START SOMEWHERE – Click the button

It might sound too simple or too easy, yet many of the people I am talking to seem to be somehow stuck in the ‘wishing for’ stage. They try to figure out the perfect way to reach to their ‘perfect body’ destination hoping somehow to take the quick-fix-painless-fast track and totally disregard the first step.

We have been entrained by the media to believe that everything has to be fast and in a heartbeat and while I am myself a very lazy person, I am also willing to acknowledge that the excitement of taking small steps is what becomes the driving force for huge changes.

Taking a first step doesn’t mean you will have to have you transformation figured out, it means that you are actually getting present with what you are asking for.

Compare this with an online order: you can browse the Internet all day long and wish for stuff, but for that vacation to become a real thing, for the jeans to land in your post box, for educating yourself in a certain area… you will need to click the button. With that simple step the Universe knows: “The human is ready for launching. Ready to receive your ask. Support available 24h/7”

  • CHOOSE ONE FUN THING A DAY – Move that cute butt of yours

In case you have forgotten what fun is for you, you might want to explore that first. I recently discovered for myself that even if I have a strong powerful body, I do have the mindset of a princess. It doesn’t work for me to have long workouts, yet I’ve been through that phase when I thought that I could control my body, therefore it had to be pushed all the way, yet I totally adore stretching my legs and laughing with my husband’s perplex look when he watches me do that. Or, I jump around the house with the music out loud – sorry for the neighbours – and I literally look like a little goat having a crazy fun time shaking my butt on all sides. You know what they say – dance as if nobody’s watching? Totally my idea of having fun while shaking my butt.

  • GRATITUDE IS AN ATTITUDE – What if you truly said ‘Thank you’?

Has it ever happened to you to work in a team, to put in the hard work, the effort, to be the one supporting a whole project and nobody said anything to you other than what it had to be fixe, what was still missing or needed improvement for the sake of efficiency? Do you remember how it felt? But do you remember those moments when you were contributing to a project and all parties involved acknowledged the importance of your contribution? Did that make you feel like capable of moving mountains? Did that give you wings to soar? Well… what if your body is your team? What if a word of encouragement and of thank you will allow your body to be the best friend it always was there to be for you? What if you thanked it simply because it is in your life? And now, that we are at it… what else could you be grateful for about your body? Maybe… your eyes, your stamina, your flexibility, your immense appetite, the orgasmic sensation it allows you to experience, the magic of it changing shapes and form constantly? Maybe… just maybe for the gift of embodiment it grants you every day?

Three simple steps that would allow yourself to reconnect to the joy of having a body and appreciating it for what it is and not necessarily for what you would to judge it to be.