Popcorn Session

A while ago I heard a question: when everything is fine, and you are happy and joyful, what is it that you are naturally and effortlessly gifting people?

My answer was immediate, clear and uplifting: my writing, my encouragement, my JOY.

Apparently this is the ‘formula’ of the gift that keeps on gifting that gets me going, joyful and bubbly. Therefore, if you are a writer (by now you have been through the free 5 Day Challenge of The JOY of Writing YOU) who is looking for the encouragement, constructive and generative feedback, for questions to advance your work, join us in a ‘popcorn session’ where you will have the space to read from your pages and receive gratitude and appreciation for being the brave one to transfer your brilliant idea on paper.
This is an empowering session. An invitation to connect to the generosity of spirit, kindness and caring, gratitude and appreciation existing in each of us.

Requirements for participation:
*to have done the 5 Day Challenge of The JOY of Writing YOU
*at least 10 pages of self-written material to read from.

26 March | 7 pm CET | Your time and date | FREE

The event is finished.