Story Writing Masterclass

Do you like stories? Do you like to read them, listen to them, watch movies with them? In a world that is oriented to capture the precious 30 seconds of attention span of the online content consumer, where we seems that we are racing against the clock to make an impression, to produce an impact, I am inviting you to reconnect to your essence through writing.
How many stories have you been inspired to put on a page but they died before seeing the spark of light on a piece of paper? How many brilliant ideas for projects and businesses went to the holy cemetery of severed wings because you doubted you? How many adventures, erotic scenes, playscripts, e-mails, children stories, life turning points, awarenesses have fainted out of your world?
What if every time you choose to write a story, you open the doors for someone else to step forward and grow?

This Masterclass is for you if
1. you have no idea where to start
2. you have a lot of ideas you would like to put on paper but you seem to never have time for it
3. you have no idea what/how but it tickles you to give it a try
4. you consider yourself as being a ‘procrastinator’

What does this Masterclass offer:

1. Tips, tricks and tops to get you started
2. Debunking the myths and the beliefs underneath
3. Practices to build up your confidence
4. Practical information about the journey of writing: from idea to being published
5. Discounted access to the launch of the online course: The Joy of Writing You (open for enrolling in March 2022)
6. 1 x 101 recorded session with me of 30mins (price value €150)
7. Dedicated Telegram group

19 February | 7 – 8.30 pm CET | Your time and date | 57€

The event is finished.