Money Shine Online Workshop

Inspired by the article that I published on my Facebook and the public engagement, let’s start where we are.
October 1st 2022, at 9:30 -12:00, a 2h30 online workshop.

Instead of covering yourself with shame and guilt that you didn’t know better, that you should have known better, that you’re stupid for not having seen it coming and being so careless, let’s start with finding out what we know, what we want to unlearn and what we desire forand with the money we say we would love to have.
Money is not your enemy. Money is a tool that supports the creation of your life. Money is an invitation to shining and thriving. What clarity can we welcome that would show us what anchors us in a world of limitation?

What’s in it?

5 Steps and one method | An e-book for you | A workshop workbook
Group brain storming | Group coaching
Hot seat session | Vision board design
Vulnerability and kindness
Additional resources | Recordings

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