What is a session?

When someone makes a deliberate choice to be present with what seems to stop the flow of harmoniuos expansion of their lives and seeks either support, or a grander perspective, maybe even a question that would shift limitations into possibilities, they are likely to be asking for a session.

Pragmatically seen, when you choose a session, we meet either online or in person. We have a chat around a cup of coffee – yes, I adore coffee. I will be listening to your story. and then we’ll see together if a session with me is the contribution you are looking for.

Body and Being

As a practician, teacher, coach, trainer and facilitator – no, I am not a therapist – I learned along the years that beings and bodies might speak different languages when it comes to healing. While the body is looking to heal through its senses, the being is searching for awareness. Yet both body and being will congrue during ‘a-ha’ moments which expand beyond the narrow view of a contracted body and a compressed being.

The Structure of a session

The sessions do not have a set structure. They are more likely to look like a simultaneous translation process where the underlying energies at work are acknowledged and are expressed with presence and no judgement. Through skillful inquiry, open questions, moments of silence, hands-on body energetic processes, verbal facilitation, magic intertwines with the elegance of the minimum effort and maximum impact.

The SHINE method

Whether a body process session, a verbal facilitation session, a coaching session, an energetic session, you can expect to encounter the SHINE method along the way in your quest of being aware, able and aligned.

Search for that which makes you heart and soul smile. Honour yourself, your findings, your journey. Imprint yourself with that which brings you closer to what you desire. Nurture your growth. Express the sparkles of who you truly are.

Duration of a session
You can book a session of 15 – 30 – 45 minutes. 

Group Sessions

If you love the peer group setting, these sessions are for you. They are held on a 6 months basis and enrolment is foreseen twice a year. We meet online once a month to set the topic of the upcoming month. Peer group activities are available every week on the membership platform. 

In order to have access to group coaching you will have to complete Shine – The Journey of Unhiding You online course. 

The members of the group have the opportunity to book a 1on1 session of 20 minutes every month. This group coaching is meant as a support tool for you and your business, your career, your relationships, your money, your life and living. 

The group coaching sessions are built upon your questions and your willingness to contribute your awareness to the group. After finishing the 6 months itinerary you will be welcomed in the Shine Membership.

Book your session, ask your question

Are you using words to fill in the space of a conversation or to create a space of consciousness ?