There is always place for better, there is always space for more. And yet, we are so keen of keeping ourselves small and be content with what we have got because so many others don’t.

What if, just for a while, along your read, you would allow yourself to shine?

It all started with an ASK: “Universe, I would like to make some space in my life, put down on paper everything that I have learned along my path and move on. What else is there waiting for me to discover about myself?”

And then, it continued with a book: SHINE – How to Ignite Your Sparkle and Enhance Your Light in 5 Steps. SHINE was downloaded on paper in exactly 21 days. People would ask what the book was about and I would answer jokingly: “I’ll have to read it first.”

Your shine is a choice, one of greatness!

With 50 exercises designed specifically to guide you on your journey, accompanied by its own notebook, your 5 step guide to SHINE (Search, Honor, Imprint, Nurture and Express) is there to open the door to who you truly be: this gorgeous human being, aware, able and aligned.

Are you willing to claim the spotlight of your own life?

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Shine - A Journey of Unhiding Your Greatness

This e-book is an invitation to have a look at your beliefs and judgements on shining and on what you think is keeping your own light still in the shadow. Moreover, these 30 questions are an invitation to be that unique, wild, bright light that you came to be in this world.

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Shine Classes

Today, SHINE is more than a book or an energy. It’s being who you truly ARE. That gorgeous creature shining bright, being the gift of light and lightness we all can choose to be.

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Your Shine Is A Choice

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