There’s peace in every shout.

Villa Borghese, Sunday at noon…

There’s peace in every shout. There’s tumult in every stone.
We’re magic to the tip of our fingertips.

We’re miracle workers walking.
There’s no grain of sand, there’s no drop of water, no swirls in the wind, no spark in the fire that doesn’t exist in you.
You are it!

What if you asked the quantum entanglements of the elementals to actualize a reality beyond this reality instantaneously? Would you then claim, own and acknowledge the GIFT you are and your wizard powers of creating a new world, a conscious planet?

I qas walking on the alleys of the park realizing that I didn’t like it: too much stone, too many dogs…blah blah. What was I tapping into? Then I asked a question: what would it take for me to perceive the beautiful energies underneath my judgement? I continued to wander aimless. The Universe must have been busy with some more important stuff…

Well…shit happens, right?

All of a sudden I started to laugh while encountering a headless statue, a handsome male body carved in marber, with balls and all, and no head, oddly resembling my wander.

People running with eyes almost hanging out of their eye sockets and barely breathing – funny how headless they seemed, dogs headlessly barking at…something.

And this made me happy!

I took a last turn heading back to the hotel. This Fontana dei cavalli was shimmering in front of my eyes like a turquoise oasis of pixie droplets.

“I wish someone took a picture of me…’ I was alone.

Tuesday evening my wish was granted. Someone took this absolutely phenomenal picture of me. Literally 20 steps further from the spot where I had uttered my wish. The same person wished to gift it to me…

Ask and you shall receive the Magic, Miracles, Mysteries of your orgasmic living you came to experience🥰

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