What is KINDNESS to you?

I started my day today with a nice measure of kindness. One of my speciality classes which I adore not only because it changes my reality and that together with other people we change that of the world, but also because it allows me to explore my true knowing starting from an abundance point of view,  is an energy pull.

What are energy pulls? I call them my privileged moments of being present with what I would like to create in my life. Sometimes it can be as simple as my dream of a nice lunch, or as complex as a world that appreciates consciousness and stops looking for validation through judgement, comparison, competition and hierarchy. These energetic pulls are natural to us. Actually, we are energy pulls on legs, but we don’t quite allow ourselves to acknowledge that. They always start with a request from the Universe and a demand of ourselves.

When I ask myself what I would like to create, or what would I like my life to be 5 years from now, I am not looking for an answer. I am looking for an energy which I am somewhat aware of but which for some reason is not yet fully present in my life. I don’t have words for this creation, yet I know beyond any doubt what it would ‘feel’ like to be there, live a day in that energy. I perceive the lightness, the laughter, the joy that comes with it.

So, whenever we engage as a group in an energy pull we engage with all those energies available to us which we pull in our lives and allow ourselves to acknowledge them and to follow anything and anyone that carries that energetic signature that would actualize the future we’ve been asking for.

Today’s topic was kindness. Many of us have forgotten what true kindness is. We often think that kindness is about caring for other people and we exclude ourselves from the computation of our own dreams and hopes and creations.

I remember that, in one of my energetic sessions that I had with a fellow energetic practician, she asked me to ‘drop my body soft’. I answered: “Oh, but I thought I was doing that.” She replied “I know what you thought. Your thoughts compel your body to withhold the contraction.” And then, with tears in my eyes I said… “I have no idea what that is… to drop my body soft.” Yet, I was willing to find out. I still am.

So today, as a play for home to all participants I asked everybody to acknowledge the kindness that is already present in their worlds. It can be as subtle as someone has smiled back to them, or that they took 5 minutes to indulge in something that is fun for them. I played too. I wrote down some of the glimpses of kindness of my day today in my favourite notebook:

I asked for contribution for a member of my team and peoples’ responses helped shift what seemed a difficult situation towards a desirable outcome.

I went for a PCR test and the lady performing it was immensely delicate and considerate towards me and my body.

My husband agreed to go out with for a late lunch sandwich, coffee and cake and allowed me to wander in the shops on the way without having a long face.

There was so much generosity in the world of the lady that served my tiramisu that I think my cake became ten times more delicious with the smile on her face.

I walked by an optician and when my suddenly reacted to the presence of its office, I knew there was something for me to discover inside: my eyes truly required a pair of sight glasses. I had never expected such a relaxation in my body as when reading became clear and ease.

Once home, I realized that I was late for my announced first Instagram Live. I didn’t judge myself, I went for… what kindness can I be right now for me and all watching?

The day is not finished yet. However I realize that the more I am willing to acknowledge the moments of kindness in my life, the less I am judging myself.. The less I am judging myself, the lighter I feel. The lighter I feel, the easier I laugh. The more that I laugh, the more that I know… kindness is changing the world. It starts with mine.

So… what is kindness to you?