Dear Whispers, what would you like me to focus on today?

… You are loved. Deeply and beyond what your human has defined as love. Love doesn’t contain a result, it doesn’t exist because of something outside of yourself. Love IS. Rather than contracting on attaining a result through struggle, shift your perspective and perceive the unfolding. Your contribution might seem useless, insignificant or unfortunate, yet remember, it’s what you make of your experiences that drives and directs the expansion of what you call ‘events’.

Ask to be shown the miracles. Ask to be supported. Ask for your highest self to hold your human hand. Ask your team mates for divine intervention. Ask and allow your magic, your friends and allies to stand by your side. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel our Love. On your skin, under your skin, running through your veins, fluffing your hair, pumpig life through your heart, tingling your cheeks… Breathe it in…

Remember… Remember the smell of fresh baked bread. Remember the cold frozen air in winter. Remember the raw ground soaking in the summer showers. 

Remember the excitement of the grass sprout eager to tickle the sun. It doesn’t see the sun as mightier than its thin blades pircing the horizons. It was once a seed, tomorrow it will feed thousands. It grows and knows.

It knows that even when stomped deep in the dirt, broken, wounded, frain… the sun is up, a sign that it will prevail.

Remember the sparkle in the droplet of dew on fresh mornings anew.

Remember the seed, the sun, and those who they feed. You are all One! Round, perfect and complete!

Welcome to Whispers from Within – A Channelled Journey with Selena

This is an invitation to join me on a 21 day journey of connecting to the Source, the Universe, the Higher-Self.

Every day you will be receiving a message channelled by me, either in the form of a text, an image, a sound clip, or a short video. These are a gift from me and the Universe.

I am also inviting you to allow these messages to be yours and to bring magic into your life where you most require it.

What if there is more than meets the eye and the logical mind? I wonder…

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Disclaimer: The messages are for entertainment purpose only.


I love receiving these messages, to read them and to receive the hugs from the Universe from in between the lines.

Oana – Romania

They are just what I have been asking for, the sign that I am not alone and that my life is not in vain. Thank you for this gentle relider!

Laura – France

It’s funny how these messages seem to know what is going on in my life. They make me smile. I can’t say ‘I don’t know’ anymore.

Philippe – Belgium

 Your Whispers updates light up my days. It’s one of the few ‘nesletters’ that I still read.

Elena – Canada

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